The Hosts

Casa Rio and Casa Luna are owned and hosted by Ronel Reyes Roque, a Cuban musician, local to the Province of Matanzas. He is married to British-Canadian Jo Jeffers, and they live together in London (Ontario). They have designed the apartments as properties to rent to guests when they are living in Canada, and to use as a family base during their trips back to Cuba. Early on, Ronel saw the potential in a rundown waterfront property. He and his contractors worked tirelessly on the property, salvaging some of the original Cuban tiled floors, upgrading plumbing and electricity, and adding bathrooms and bedrooms. Jo is a well travelled British-born national who loves the authenticity of Cuba but recognizes the need for comfort when staying far from home. As such, she added her own personal touches by supplying items from Canada and ensuring the apartments have a high standard of cleanliness and comfort.